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Near: I 37 & Pecan Valley or I 37 & S.E. Military HWY


The average cost for 4 weeks or lessons will be $40.

Months with holidays are $30.

If there were 5 lessons in a month, then the cost would be $50.

If you miss a lesson call Bill at (210) 422-1844 after 10 AM on any day you want to make up a lesson, then you can make up for missed lessons as long as you are enrolled.

In addition to piano, for 10 minutes each lesson, students participate in a name-the-note contest for 3-months and then a 3-month contest in which they count rhythms using drum pads and sticks. Then the students will learn how to tune guitars for a month and for another month learn how to sing and how NOT to sing with a 10 part instructional series. Finally, students will conduct for 2 weeks.This cycle repeats.


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