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Welcome to Piano Lessons $10 Per Hour No Contract No Registration Fee

Welcome to pianolessons $10 per hour!

I am an approachable, down-to-earth teacher with years of experience. I tailor lessons for each individual student, and have experience working with very young children through advanced adult students. I have infinite patience and unlike many teachers, I pride myself on being able to adapt my style of teaching to work for different learning styles and students with differing goals. Music means different things for each student, so I avoid subscribing to a one-size-fits-all method of instruction.

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Our schools goal is to prepare students to enjoy music all their lives. Our purpose is to prepare musicians that can participate in their communities.

The philosophy behind this teaching method is “muscle to mind.” If the muscles are balanced then so is the mind. Our instructors use dynamic activities as a result of this philosophy.

Our instructor has rehearsed with thousands of students, has a music masters degree and it´s lifelong certified in Texas. The school has been open since 1996 in California and it´s now opening in Texas. We also have the “Fruit Shaw Piano School” operating out of Fresno California.

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In addition to piano

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In addition to piano, for 10 minutes each lesson, students participate in a name-the-note contest for 3-months and then a 3-month contest in which they count rhythms using drum pads and sticks. Then the students will learn how to tune guitars for a month and for another month learn how to sing and how NOT to sing with a 10 part instructional series. Finally, students will conduct for 2 weeks.

Each class will have no more than 6 students. Each student will receive individual instruction.

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  • The average cost for 4 weeks or lessons will be $40.
  • Months with holidays are $30.
  • If there were 5 lessons in a month, then the cost would be $50.
  • If you miss a lesson call Bill at (210) 422-1844 after 10 AM on any day you want to make up a lesson, then you can make up for missed lessons as long as you are enrolled.
  • Additional family members $10 per hour.
  • Materials Fee: $16.

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